*blinking at the stage lights*

yup, just about what I was looking for – an empty stage. 

Funny – the last time I published something on the web, AngelFire and Geocities were the ‘big’ names in internet homesteading, and if you wanted to register a domain name, I think they charged by the letter, like a telegram.  uploading more than one photo at a time was a hassle unless you had one of those fancy 56K modems that cost more than my share of the rent…and my father had a Mobile Phone in his car for when he was out in the field…had a handset and everything. 

but I’ve been so inspired this past year by other people’s blogs, and my poor long-haired husband has been so patient in his persistance about how I should write more…

well, here I am, a fine kettle of fish, in all my tattered glory…and since I just took a tumble and tore something in my left knee, and it’s looking like there’s going to be an extended period of sitting around with an ice pack?  maybe I’ll be able to relaunch the habit of sharing the view from that kettle 😉

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