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who, me? if you're looking for first glances, I'm one of those old stoner chicks who's still running around in soft flowing skirts and hiking boots, with a backpack instead of a purse. You're more likely to find me at the park than at 'church', I spend more time in bookstores than bars, spend more money at flea markets than the mall. I used to be a redhead before the silver came through, but the red was more of a lie than the cobalt blue I prefer now... I'm more Muppet than anything, really! I'm mildly obsessed with the overlooked, the forgotten, and the neglected, having been raised by racoons and magpies, as near as I remember. I collect books with cloth covers, heirloom textile techniques, and interesting friends. and I think that's enough to start with, yes?


*blinking at the stage lights* yup, just about what I was looking for – an empty stage.  Funny – the last time I published something on the web, AngelFire and Geocities were the ‘big’ names in internet homesteading, and if … Continue reading

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